Answered Prayers and God’s Help

The Lord amazes me.

After praying very hard for certain miracles and not getting them soon, I gave up. I got angry with God. After a few days, some small results started to show and I was sure the Lord took my prayers into consideration. I thought that I never should have doubted Him. I didn’t think miracles can take time, but that’s my fault-not God’s.

Yesterday, I was blessed with productivity. Indirectly, it was one of the things I prayed for, and I accomplished a lot. I worked around the house almost all day, with only short breaks. I pushed myself to keep going. Idle hands are the devil’s playthings, and I think God gifted me with productivity so I could respond better to Him.

As I was walking to the recycle bin, I prayed something along the lines of, “Let me have faith. Let me never doubt you, Lord.”

He’s helping me in his own way.

Last night, I was saying a specific prayer that I was seeing in a new light. It talked about the gift of faith and charity and joy. 

Charity was another thing I indirectly prayed for…

So was joy…

I was re-taught the following things yesterday:

God works in mysterious ways. He will not reject anyone who reaches out to Him. 

His timing is appropriate, whether we like it or trust that it is, or not.

He will help us, it just might not be in the way we expect.