Remember the Sabbath by Keeping It Holy

For the longest time, I didn’t observe the Sabbath.

Last year, I did.

In short, what I learned is that I am ok. On the seventh day, God rested because it was all good. When I worked and rested because I decided to trust that what God had made was good, it made me feel like I was good. Sure, I knew I had sin and I undoubtedly did sin on Sundays, but that’s ok.

My point is, observing the Sabbath did wonders for my self-esteem and is still working wonders, especially now that it’s lent.

I used this past Sunday as a cheat day (I’m giving up sweets for lent) and also made myself observe it. I don’t think I did any bit of work yesterday. I went to the store with my dad, but that was more of a treat than a chore.

I felt complete. I felt like my body was ok. I felt like my yearning for sweet things was ok and somewhat manageable. This is what God intended for us to understand: He made humanity and it is perfect. I suppose I can ask the question, “Is sin really a part of humanity?” Don’t forget, Jesus was fully man and fully God during His time on Earth, so Sunday is a good time to get in touch with the Human part of us that resides in us because of God. It’s a good time to connect to it and love what the Lord has created-us.

Remember the Sabbath by Keeping It Holy