Miracle Worker

God has been working miracles in my life.

Every day I wake up, it’s a miracle.

It’s a miracle I just found out how to get such a low rate on car insurance. It’s a miracle my Callie cat is able to function, when, before I spent a full day praying for her fervently and saying a novena for her, her health isn’t all that great. I honestly thought she was on the brink of death. She’s not now. She plays and jumps without pain. She eats and sleeps ok. 

I’ve prayed and prayed to be reunited with someone, and it just so happens that I think the Lord has answered my prayer-in His own way.

It’s imperative that I point out that none of this is because of me. I may have prayed, but God always takes the first step. My faith has been dwindling downwards. I’ve really lost touch with God. I’m slowly starting to get back there, but God has been working miracles for me anyway.

All praise and glory to to Him, now and forever.

Miracle Worker

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