Is Missing Something OK?

Today, I was thinking about what it’s like to miss something, whether it be a feeling or event or memory or whatever. Is it ok to miss something? (Not someone, that’s different)

I concluded that I feel like it’s ok to miss something, but God did put us in the present moment for a reason. We are called to live our lives as Christians, not to avoid living our lives by constant fantasizing and reminiscing.

However, in that conclusion, the word “constant” plays a big part, so it leaves the question of, “What about if it’s not constant?” and to that, I say that answer is, “Yes, it is ok to miss things, provided we thank God for giving us something that makes saying goodbye to so hard.” [A/N: High-five to those of you who caught that!]

So I guess my conclusion wasn’t all that complete, but however God feels on the matter most definitely is. ❤

Is Missing Something OK?

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