A Prayer for Relationships

Dear God,

Teach me how to be pure and holy. Help me to be as deserving of this person’s love as I can be. Soften my heart, grant me Grace to do your Holy Will and let nothing stop me. Take control of me; let every thought, every touch, every embrace be guided by Your Holy Spirit so that the utmost love may be expressed and felt through and in both parties. Help me to be more like You. Help me to be humble, to be loved, to be pure, to be understanding and free from judgements. Help me to know what not to do before it’s too late. Help me to heal. Help me to be more like You, Lord God. Help us be more like You.

Most importantly, make us into You. Take over our existences so that we may imitate You to the fullest extent possible. It would be the highest honor we could experience here on Earth.

Thank You, Lord, for bringing someone so beautiful into my life.



A Prayer for Relationships

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