It’s really, really hard for me to stick around when I feel so down. I feel like everything affects me so deeply. Every past set of memories, every misunderstanding, every moment I feel less and less mental energy coming over me, I start to fall. I fall, and I rise, and I fall, and I rise, and it’s up to God to pull me back. I can hope and have faith, but it’s so hard when your mind is telling you to quit, when everyday you come across some trigger or another that sets you back five months. I trust that God will pull me out of depression, no matter how he’ll do it, I’ll eventually be ok again. His grace is sufficient for me, but it would be nice if I felt like I could live life. I don’t feel like I can, but I will as best as I can. It’s hard when all of my efforts seem to be constantly dashed. 


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