A Realized Need for Prayer

While I felt the Holy Spirit arising from its position of work deep within my soul, I realized there was a vortex of swirling darkness in my chest. I felt the Holy Spirit at work to contain it. In place of the swirl, my focus turned then to the feelings of sorrow caused by talk of the evident disregard for life in the world. In the background of my mind, I was given relief from selfishness that came from the Holy Spirit. I did not experience what one may consider a big amount of selflessness, as I was still very aware of my will to not cry during service and the tears forming that threatened to violate my composure. However, I believe my levels of self-awareness and focus on life in the world at large were appropriate for a baby Christian such as myself. I thought about my sins and how they could pertain to present and future life and realized a greater need to pray for humanity and to atone to the best of my ability for my past sins and their potential consequences. I can only say that God has not made me perfect, and it is only with His Grace and Forgiveness can I attain the amount of selflessness I was meant to give to the world and God’s creations.

A Realized Need for Prayer

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