I take this moment to write and reflect on whatever part of my recent spiritual experience shall come forth from my lips.

God is so good, and sin is so, so bad. It may be glamorized and admired and wooing, but it separates us from God. I have let sin in different parts of my life. I have messed up countless times, sometimes even purposefully.

However, God has not. He continues to love us and want the best for us, even if we don’t want the best for ourselves.

I am so blessed to have this guidance, to have such a perfect parent, to have such a potential for love and grace in my life.

He is all good, and will help me to be sorry for my sins. He will help me to repent and receive forgiveness. He will always, always lead me back to His awaiting embrace.

I’ve messed up, but God hasn’t and won’t ever. This is so, so, so very reassuring to me.

I’ve been so inspirational to some people. God is better. No matter what good I can do (which comes from God anyway) God can do better. This makes everything worth it. I take such great comfort in this that my fears are silenced and my heart rejoices with gratitude, expectation, and hope.

Thank you, Dearest God, for being perfect, for being You. Make me more like You. I give you permission to transform me to how You want me. Make all of the people of the world more like You.


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