I wish I had  lot of money. I wish I could help my parents into a comfortable retirement, send my nieces to college, get everyone the vitamins they need, get lasic eye surgery so I don’t need glasses again, be ok for a while on car insurance, etc….

I wish money wouldn’t matter to me, but it does. I know that parts of this world require money, and that’s why I care. That, and, like every kid, I’m not inclined to live with my parents forever.

I have to stop and ask myself why I’ve been wishing I had more money. The want this time was triggered and I guess not really controlled by someone on tv who owned a ranch that was bigger than Rhode Island. Like, dang, people. Before, I read an article about what extremely rich people thought was normal but wasn’t. It’s so unfair.

But I have to remind myself that life isn’t fair, because Jesus sacrificed everything for us. He came to Earth in physical form as a human. He chose to be given birth to, have to eat and defecate and work and sweat like any other human. He chose to acknowledge all the wealth of the Spirit instead of Earthly things. I’m very fortunate to follow a God (the One God) who cares enough about His creations to give us eternal life, who will answer my prayers and get onto me for caring so much about money,

for worrying.

Thank you, Lord, for being You and for loving me. I need You and Your direction and mercies, always.


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