Communication and God

As I’m sitting here, sipping my tea and typing, I feel like a writer. But to write about Christ takes far more skill, patience, and knowledge than I have. One of the comforts I can find in life is that, no matter what I do, it will never be good enough to compare to what God has done and will do, but it will still be accepted and He will still accept me.

In a weird way, I don’t think I want to be good enough for the world. I can’t imagine everyone and everything being confined to my limits, to my flaws. I am so thankful for the fact that I’m not enough because I have a God-the Triune God- that is perfect and will take care of all our needs. He will deliver His people away from the pain and suffering they (we) face.

I decided a long time ago that writing was not for me, but writing is only one means of communication. I decided art and choir and dance are all not for me, but there is so much more when we look at how God communicates with us. I look at this black little kitty cat trying to get attention from me, who’s wagging her tail in my face and blocking the screen, and I think about how her fur is-shiny, black, pleasant to look at. She’s sleek. Maybe she is one way in which God says, “Enjoy your senses in a way that can benefit life.” and encourages me to pet her and love on her. It is distracting from typing this, but words are only one way to express things. Maybe He wanted me to take a minute and hear what He was trying to communicate with me instead of me taking that minute to communicate with you. Hmmm. It’s a thought.

Other examples of this are the sunset/rise, it being dark at night, a posting on facebook or social media, a video, a cry for help…

There is nothing wrong with being good at communicating, I’m just trying to say that no amount of communication a human can perform or come up with will ever be able to summarize the Goodness, Love, and Mercy that God is.

He is, was, and will be forever, all of the Good things.

Communication and God

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