Depression Question:

I get that it’s ok to not be perfect, but is it ok to be nothing at all?

I ask because, sometimes, with depression, it’s like I can’t be up to certain standards that are far below perfect, that are far below average. My motivation is stolen and I feel hopeless and act like it. People have always said to me that, as long as I try my best, that’s good enough. There are times when depression doesn’t let me try my best. There are times when my best is only waking up and occasionally eating a small something during the day, when I’m supposed to be doing so much more. I’m in school. I’m supposed to be studying, going to class, passing my tests, getting good grades. I’m a person that has the financial ability (well, most of the time) to eat right. I’m paying for a membership to the fitness center on campus. I’m supposed to stay clean and neat, but a lot of times, I don’t do any of that. It’s so hard to take care of myself when I’m depressed. It’s so hard to drag myself out of bed. I could stay there for hours because it feels like that’s the only part of the world that doesn’t add anything extra to my mind. It’s not always like this, but this has definitely become the norm for me.

Depression Question:

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