Ask God for whatever you need, in the name of Christ, and He will give it to you, if it’s according to His plan for you. He is with you always.


It is so important to remember to give thanks to our Lord, even if our emotions tell us to do otherwise. 

For such a long time, I thought my emotions were otherwise. I started to be influenced by my boyfriend, who is, at times, one of the most logical people I know. However, instead of battling between which is best for the world (as both can be disadvantageous), the best we can do is try our best to be open to God’s way of thinking, to His way of feeling. If we are even open to just the idea of it, we can invite in the Holy Spirit and have our mental, emotional, and spiritual states flourish. Sure, we will have resistance coming from Satan and our Earthly desires and petty clinginess, but nothing is outside God’s power. His love will conquer all.

The Lord is so good to us. He replaces the bad with good, the good with great, and our image of what can be with His encompassing love and compassion. 

Our imaginations are so limited, but God is infinite. How blessed are we, to follow our Lord, to follow our God to new horizons and depths of purity!

I enjoy being right, most of the time…

But I feel so blessed to know that God is way better than anything I can imagine. God is not limited by our limitations. This gives me hope and encouragement. I may not think clearly or know what’s going on, but He does. 

Thank you, God, for loving us.

To say it bluntly, God increased my self-esteem by showing me my life and identity are about Him, and not me. Before returning to Christ, I had so many issues with what I was not and all the bad I was. I don’t know what good in me there was, but I didn’t often see it.

God basically gave me the Mirror of Erised. I can look in the mirror and see Jesus and the Blessed Mother standing next to me. God is, at that time, everything because nothing else matters when you’re fully embraced in the Lord’s arms.

Miracle Worker

God has been working miracles in my life.

Every day I wake up, it’s a miracle.

It’s a miracle I just found out how to get such a low rate on car insurance. It’s a miracle my Callie cat is able to function, when, before I spent a full day praying for her fervently and saying a novena for her, her health isn’t all that great. I honestly thought she was on the brink of death. She’s not now. She plays and jumps without pain. She eats and sleeps ok. 

I’ve prayed and prayed to be reunited with someone, and it just so happens that I think the Lord has answered my prayer-in His own way.

It’s imperative that I point out that none of this is because of me. I may have prayed, but God always takes the first step. My faith has been dwindling downwards. I’ve really lost touch with God. I’m slowly starting to get back there, but God has been working miracles for me anyway.

All praise and glory to to Him, now and forever.

Miracle Worker

The Result of a Prayer

I found this prayer in a book I’ve been reading today. I knew my heart didn’t want what it was asking, but I confessed that to God and asked anyway, because I knew it was the right thing to do, because I knew my heart wasn’t in the right, and because I wanted to want it.

“My Lord and my God, Take everything from me that distances me from You. My Lord and my God, give me everything that brings me closer to You. My Lord and my God, detach me from myself and give my all to You.”– St. Nicholas of Flüe

The Lord works in mysterious ways. I had been praying to God, “I invite You in to fill every nook and cranny I have and to chase out all the darkness” but this prayer seems to do a much better job of describing my intentions. 

After praying this prayer, I felt and odd sensation.

Suddenly, I felt lifted to a realm where no sin existed. I wrote part of the experience:

“It’s as though I’m an infant, seeing nothing but love from all Christ’s creations. I see no sin. I feel no sin. I feel as though I have ascended to the Lord’s hands, by the Lord’s hands, and in them Lord a field of heavenly flowers that are fed and kept alive by God’s endless love and mercy.”

This is significant. The more we are like children in our faith, the stronger our faith and the more we know. I was just getting onto myself for not knowing the Bible as well as I should, but God popped up and is helping me learn in addition to reading Scripture. Or maybe as an extension of the faith He imparts from Scripture. 

Feeling what I felt and am still feeling is indescribable. I tried my best to put an image to it, but God is so much more infinte than we can grasp, than even all the words in the world can describe. 

Feeling no sin is highly significant for me. I may know something and I may experience something, but feeling plays such a big part in my life. If I have doubts in my faith, it’s normally due to my feelings not lining up with my thoughts or the Bible. God has blessed me with proof, more and more reason to believe, thankfulness, and an increase in Faith. Let me be clear! My increase in Faith is not because He has shown Himself to me, but because He was willing to do so. He was and is willing to work with me, willing to work around my sinful nature to bring me closer to Him. Having His Grace and Mercy bestowed upon me after I have messed up so much is refreshing and inspiring, to say the least.

I need You, God. I need what You give me.

Thank you, Lord, for being YOU! Thank you for working in ways we don’t know. Thank you for having this incomprehensible love and mercy. I hate and shudder to think what the world would be like if all the goodness was confined to what my imagination could concoct.

With You, Lord Jesus Christ, there is nothing about You I can’t believe. There is nothing good I can’t experience when united with You.

All praise and glory be to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, now and Forever.

The Result of a Prayer

Remember the Sabbath by Keeping It Holy

For the longest time, I didn’t observe the Sabbath.

Last year, I did.

In short, what I learned is that I am ok. On the seventh day, God rested because it was all good. When I worked and rested because I decided to trust that what God had made was good, it made me feel like I was good. Sure, I knew I had sin and I undoubtedly did sin on Sundays, but that’s ok.

My point is, observing the Sabbath did wonders for my self-esteem and is still working wonders, especially now that it’s lent.

I used this past Sunday as a cheat day (I’m giving up sweets for lent) and also made myself observe it. I don’t think I did any bit of work yesterday. I went to the store with my dad, but that was more of a treat than a chore.

I felt complete. I felt like my body was ok. I felt like my yearning for sweet things was ok and somewhat manageable. This is what God intended for us to understand: He made humanity and it is perfect. I suppose I can ask the question, “Is sin really a part of humanity?” Don’t forget, Jesus was fully man and fully God during His time on Earth, so Sunday is a good time to get in touch with the Human part of us that resides in us because of God. It’s a good time to connect to it and love what the Lord has created-us.

Remember the Sabbath by Keeping It Holy